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Even though it’s almost Halloween, most of South Texas is still experiencing warm 80 degree weather instead of the cool crisp days that the rest of the country is enjoying. But cooler weather will be here soon enough, and so will some changes in pest...

[caption id="attachment_1463" align="alignleft" width="163"] Cicada Killer at my home near her nest.[/caption] When people see a cicada killer for the first time, they almost have to do a double take. What in the world was that? A bird? A plane? A flying saucer? Cicada killers are...

As we all know, summertime is a very active time for pest control. Spring rains will start to flush bugs out of their hiding spots, and the heat makes all of us, including bugs, a lot more active than we are in the colder months. So...

Scorpion season is upon us in South Texas. In the San Antonio area where LoveBug Pest Control is located, scorpions are out and terrifying a lot of homeowners. In all areas that surround San Antonio, scorpions are a serious pest that we have to deal...

Summer is finally here.  And so are the bugs.  Recent rains are very helpful in flushing out all types of bugs … especially American Roaches. In South Texas, American roaches, which are commonly called water bugs by some folks, enjoy the freedom of coming in...

WASPS South Texas is home to many wasps species.  The most common are the paper wasp, red wasp, yellow jacket, and the mud dauber. Yellow paper wasps and red wasps are not aggressive by nature unless their nest is being approached and then they will defend...

Stepping on a cockroach isn't a professional pest control company Sometimes we think that there must be an over-the-counter solution for everything. From cough syrup to pest control sprays, your local grocery store seems to have an answer for everything. But many times we see that those treatments, especially bug sprays just don’t work. Homeowners that try over-the-counter products often find that they have spent a lot of money and sadly do not get the same results they would have if they had hired a professional pest control company.