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Infestations – Ants or Roaches


We treat fire ants within the ten foot perimeter of your home with our general pest control service. If you have a large lot and want us to treat specific mounds of fire ants, we can also do that during our general pest control, for a nominal extra fee. If you are not a general pest control customer, and want LoveBug Pest Control to treat your entire yard for fire ants, we can also do that. Just call our office for more information on treatments and pricing.


Severe infestations are different from basic pest control. The most common is German roach infestations, but sometimes some species of household ants can also become a major infestation if left untreated over a long period of time. LoveBug Pest Control uses an approach that involves exterminating visible cockroaches and baiting for the remainder of the roaches that we cannot see. Two trips are necessary because although baiting is an excellent method for killing existing roaches, it does not do anything for the roaches that are going to hatch from eggs. This is why two treatments are necessary. A similar approach is also used for major ant infestations. Treatments – 2 treatments approximately 14 days apart.