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Commercial Pest Control

LoveBug Pest Control offers commercial pest control for a variety of different operations.

No Job Too Big, Or Too Small

LoveBug Pest Control treats retail spaces, restaurants, offices, etc.

LoveBug Pest Control offers services to treat your rodent problems by baiting or trapping, or a combination of both. We will start by first identifying the source of the noise.  It might be a rat in your attic or you could have other animals such as a squirrel or a raccoon that is making his home in your attic. Rats are not limited to making their home in your attic either.  Norway rats are a different rat species than roof rats and typically can make their home in the ground cover of your yard.  Either way, LoveBug Pest Control will determine the problem and setup a plan to get rodents under control.


•  Apartment Complexes
•  Office Buildings
•  Doctor Offices
•  Dental Offices
•  Restaurants
•  Retail Shops
•  Wholesale Distribution Centers

Solutions That Work & Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

If you are a large commercial building, call LoveBug Pest Control to setup a consultation with your building manager to discuss IPM solutions.

At LoveBug Pest Control, many commercial settings call for an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution.  Spraying all of the pesticide in the world sometimes doesn’t achieve desired results without changing other parts of the equation. At LoveBug Pest Control, we can sit down with you or your maintenance engineer to establish a plan for keeping pests under control using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies.

Understanding all of the factors involved in pest control other than regular pesticide treatments can actually lessen the amount of money being spent on pest control. Large buildings are a different environment than a residential home, and finding the reasons that the building is having pest issues is just as important as the treatment.  As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This also holds true in Integrated Pest Management strategies.

Together we can work to get your commercial building as pest free as possible. Call LoveBug Pest Control and talk to a representative so you can setup a free consultation for your commercial building. We have solutions for every size building – from the smallest to the largest.