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Carpenter ants are considered wood destroying insects. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood, but instead carve out tunnels and nests inside your wood structure. The “frass” that you see is the finely perforated wood that they have deposited outside their entry point. Carpenter ants are dark colored and have a three segmented body unlike a termite which has more of a full body. They are nocturnal and usually come into your home from the outside, most likely from a tree somewhere close to your home. Treatment for carpenter ants is different from household ants and fire ants, and LoveBug Pest Control technicians are trained to get the problem quickly under control. Our service is based on two trips to treat for Carpenter Ants. We will attempt to locate their entry points and nests and then treat appropriately. Treatments included – 2 treatments approximately 14 days apart.