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Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitoes are a nuisance for all of us. They bite, we swat, and sometimes backyard parties just don’t go as planned because of them. But they also carry diseases. If you are in an undeveloped country, that is a real problem. But here in the United States, it is still something that we cannot ignore. The Zika Virus and the West Nile Virus are two well documented diseases that mosquitoes have transmitted to humans in the United States, but there are other diseases here in our country too. So mosquitoes issues are something that we all need to pay attention to when enjoying the outside.

Enjoying Your Home Without Mosquitoes

Nobody likes swatting mosquitoes!

It’s incredible! In a single statement, that describes what your backyard is like without mosquitoes in the summertime. Mosquito treatments have become increasingly more popular over the years as a way to enjoy being outside without the constant attack of mosquitoes.

LoveBug Pest Control uses a specialized fogging machine to make sure we can treat anywhere & everywhere that mosquitoes hide. Our formula contains a quick kill and an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) that is highly effective at keeping mosquitoes away by regulating their ability to grow and reproduce, and thus eventually dying. The treatment is an effective way of killing mosquitoes on your porches and yard.

Treatments for mosquitoes are very effective, but the treatment doesn’t create a protective dome over your home.  If a mosquito happens to fly into your yard, then you might still experience a mosquito.  But mosquito treatments are very effective at killing mosquitoes that have made your yard & underneath your deck their new home. As your grass grows and a few weeks go by, it will most likely be necessary to treat again. We recommend treating about every three weeks during the height of mosquito season.

All Summer Long or Special Occasions

We recommend that you sign up for our service throughout the mosquito season.  But for some people, special occasions are also a good time to consider mosquito treatments.  It is not uncommon for customers to use our service for special occasions such as outdoor weddings, birthday parties, barbeques, etc.

In these cases, we believe it is best to treat the area about three days prior to your event. This not only gives our specialized formula to accomplish both goals of 1) quick kill of existing mosquito populations, 2) allow our IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) a chance to prevent future growth of mosquitoes populations not instantly killed so they to will eventually die and not reproduce.

•  Barbeques
•  Birthdays  
•  Company Parties
•  Crawfish Boils
•  Family Reunions
•  Weddings

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Our customers that use our mosquito service are thrilled with the results! Call LoveBug Pest Control for more information or to schedule your service!