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Our most popular service and the one that is recommended for year round defense against pest issues big and small. For your initial service, LoveBug Pest Control will treat the inside and outside of your home to make sure that things that creep & crawl will not be doing so in your home. After your initial treatment, our subsequent treatments every quarter will treat the outside of your home unless you are experiencing a pest issue, and then we will be happy to treat the inside of your home again. But if our products are working properly, this should not be necessary because we are stopping the pests before they enter your home. Our quarterly follow up services will re-establish the barrier around your home so pests don’t find their way inside! We recommend that you go with quarterly treatments but we do offer a one time service for customers where this a good option.

Here’s what to expect when LoveBug Pest Control treats your home:

INSIDE For the initial service, we will crack & crevice spray the interior of your home. We will also bait areas where you may have seen ants or other pests that we cover.

OUTSIDE We will treat all of your exterior entry points, treat the base of your home, and spray insecticide dust inside each of the weep holes of your home.  We will then use our yellow extension brush to scrub off cobwebs from the tops of your windows and undersides of the eves of your home, as well as, knock down any wasp nests and mud dauber nests that we can reach.  Finally, we will granulate and then power spray the grass (yes we do both weather permitting!) of your home for at least a 10’ perimeter.

We do ALL of these outside steps EACH time we visit your home for general pest control!

LoveBug Pest Control technicians are polite and mindful of your home. We will always wear shoe covers when treating the inside of your home so we don’t track anything onto your floors. When you schedule your appointment, LoveBug personnel will ask you what pest issues that you are experiencing, and our technicians will also communicate with you regarding your pest issues so we can plan a treatment plan that fits your needs. After your service is complete, you will receive a report in your email that describes the treatment that your technician provided along with the list of products that were used. If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to call our office, and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Our General Pest Control includes general pest such as ants, beetles, roaches, silverfish, spiders, scorpions, wasps and other common pests. It also includes fire ants within the ten foot perimeter of your home. Bee removal, carpenter ants, flea & tick treatments, infestations of any type, mosquitoes, and rodent control are considered extra services are are described below.


Mosquito treatments are a great new effective way of keeping your home free of those nagging pest. LoveBug Pest Control uses a specialized fogging machine to make sure we can treat anywhere and everywhere that mosquitoes can hide. Our formula contains an insect growth regulator that is highly effective at keeping mosquitoes away. The treatment is an effective way of killing mosquitoes on your porch area and yard, but it is not a protective dome that shields your home. As your grass grows and a few weeks go by, it will most likely be necessary to treat again. Call LoveBug Pest Control for more information or to schedule your service. Treatments included – 1 treatment recommended every 3 to 4 weeks.


At LoveBug Pest Control we will work with you to do what is necessary to get rid of your fleas. Our procedures are the same whether you are having a flea and/or tick problem. When we schedule your flea treatment, we will send you a flea preparation checklist of items to do before, during, and after treatments. Some of those items include mowing the yard (because we will treat the yard too), vacuuming and sweeping your carpet and hard floors, cleaning pet bedding materials, and scheduling for your pet to be professionally treated at the same time that we are treating your home. There will be a few items that you will need to do after we treat too. Fleas are hard to control, but LoveBug Pest Control has the right procedures for both you as the customer and us as the pest control professional to get your home “flea free” once again!

TWO TREATMENTS (Recommended)This treatment is for people that know they have fleas and are ready to tackle the problem and is also the recommended treatment for fleas and ticks. The first trip involves killing the fleas and ticks, and then leaving behind a residual for any eggs that hatch. The second trip offers a second treatment to be sure that fleas and ticks are gone for good!  Like described above, this service does involve some cooperation from the homeowner, but don’t worry because we have a checklist ready to provide to you before we begin. This service has a 30 day guarantee. Treatments included:  2 treatments approximately 14 days apart.

ONE TREATMENT This treatment is for those people that do not feel they have an issue severe enough to warrant the price of two trips. Our procedures are the same but we only do one trip and thus the price is lower. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this service because of eggs that might potentially hatch and produce new fleas & ticks. Treatments:  1 treatment.


Mice and rats are problematic and can cause a lot of damage, plus carry various diseases. LoveBug Pest Control offers services to treat your rodent problems by baiting or trapping, or a combination of both. Treatments included – 3 approximately 6 days apart.


Have a critter living in your attic? Call LoveBug Pest Control for humane animal removal! Our furry friends sometimes just can’t resist our attic spaces as a great place to nest and build their home. Unfortunately, raccoons and other animals can cause severe damage to your home. From holes in ceilings and roof vents, to chewed wiring which can be real dangerous, wild animals can cause severe damage. If you have some furry neighbors move into your attic or home, call us and we will safely remove them. Treatments included – 3 treatments if necessary but a minimum of 2 trips.


Carpenter ants are considered wood destroying insects. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood, but instead carve out tunnels and nests inside your wood structure. The “frass” that you see is the finely perforated wood that they have deposited outside their entry point. Carpenter ants are dark colored and have a three segmented body unlike a termite which has more of a full body. They are nocturnal and usually come into your home from the outside, most likely from a tree somewhere close to your home. Treatment for carpenter ants is different from household ants and fire ants, and LoveBug Pest Control technicians are trained to get the problem quickly under control. Our service is based on two trips to treat for Carpenter Ants. We will attempt to locate their entry points and nests and then treat appropriately. Treatments included – 2 treatments approximately 14 days apart.


We treat fire ants within the ten foot perimeter of your home with our general pest control service. If you have a large lot and want us to treat specific mounds of fire ants, we can also do that during our general pest control, for a nominal extra fee. If you are not a general pest control customer, and want LoveBug Pest Control to treat your entire yard for fire ants, we can also do that. Just call our office for more information on treatments and pricing.


Severe infestations are different from basic pest control. The most common is German roach infestations, but sometimes some species of household ants can also become a major infestation if left untreated over a long period of time. LoveBug Pest Control uses an approach that involves exterminating visible cockroaches and baiting for the remainder of the roaches that we cannot see. Two trips are necessary because although baiting is an excellent method for killing existing roaches, it does not do anything for the roaches that are going to hatch from eggs. This is why two treatments are necessary. A similar approach is also used for major ant infestations. Treatments – 2 treatments approximately 14 days apart.


LoveBug Pest Control does not offer bee removal.  If you are interested in getting a nest of bees and their honeycomb removed, we can provide you with names and phone numbers to bee keepers in the area that specialize in bee removal. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and we completely understand and agree that you would like to see the bees and their honeycomb removed instead of exterminated. Although bees are an important part of our world’s ecosystem, they can be very dangerous. The Africanized honey bee was first introduced to Brazil in 1956 to help increase honey production, and then one year later, 26 swarms escaped the colony.  Those bees multiplied and have been slowly expanding northward ever since, arriving in South Texas in 1990.  Currently, the Africanized honey bee is established in most all of Texas and the southwest United States. Most bee experts agree that many of the bee hives found today can be a mix of both the native honey bee and the Africanized honey bee.  The writing is on the wall, bees should always be respected because injury and death are possible outcomes from an attack. Always let a professional handle bee issues.


LoveBug Pest Control treats commercial establishments for pests that neither employees nor customers want to see. LoveBug Pest Control can help you come up with an Integrated Pest Management plan to see that your commercial building is free from pest issues.

Call LoveBug Pest Control and we can send a technician to inspect your commercial establishment and discuss the issues you are having or trying to prevent.  We will then provide you with a written estimate for your retail business, office space, or warehouse. At LoveBug Pest Control, we know that your business requires working within a budget, and we will work hard to provide you with a service that adds value to your business without breaking the bank.