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All About Weevils

LoveBug Pest Control Owner, Jon Bibb, is back again to answer some common questions and provide general information for our pest control customers. Today’s pest control topic is “All About Weevils.” Check out today’s video for information on LoveBug’s services.

Jon tell us about the one thing that no one wants to see when they open their pantry, and that is weevils. Jon shares weevils most often arrive into our homes via eggs that were brought from items we purchase at the grocery store. Most often those items are cereal, rice or any other type of grain. Jon explains, once you detect weevils in your home, throw the infected food away immediately. Be sure to take inventory of your pantry to ensure that no other food is contaminated. Next, be sure to clean, clean clean! Use soap and water or make a Clorox cleaning solution. If you have any questions, call the experts at LoveBug Pest Control.

For more information visit www.lovebugpestcontrol.com.