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Do We Need to Treat The Interior?

LoveBug Pest Control Owner, Jon Bibb, is back again to answer some common questions and provide general information for our pest control customers. Today’s pest control topic is “Do We Need to Treat The Interior?” Check out today’s video for information on LoveBug’s services.

Jon explains, that customers often ask, if it is necessary to treat the interior of their home during their pest control service. Jon shares, that in cases of non-infestation, such as routine/preventative treatments, LoveBug Pest Control will perform a treatment to the interior of your home on the first visit. Typically during general pest control services, the technicians will treat the interior and exterior, particularly at the initial treatment. Subsequently, the technicians will continue to spray the interior based on the customers’ preference.

Jon continues on to say that customers will often discover with LoveBug’s general pest control services, solely treating the outside of the home, is sufficient to keeping pests away. He further explains, that in cases of infestation, it is a completely different ball game and treating the interior, as well as exterior,  is absolutely necessary.

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