Wildlife getting into the attics of homes is a very common problem in the San Antonio metro area. The problem is widespread and not just concentrated to newer or older areas of the community. Raccoons, squirrels, and skunks are common problems, especially in attics around the San Antonio area. Raccoons are very common in urban areas and some experts believe that more raccoons live per square mile in urban areas than in rural areas. Experts estimate that an average of about 20 raccoons live in a urban square mile. Since raccoons do not make their own nests and dens, they are very comfortable setting up home in man made structures and homes. Compacted insulation and large feces are big indicators that a raccoon family has setup shop in your attic. Skunks too will also setup home in your attic. Along with raccoons, skunks are huge carriers of the rabies virus, which if left untreated is fatal in humans.

One of the best practices to keep both wildlife and other pests out of your home is to keep your trees trimmed away from the roof. In most cases, animals are reaching your attic via trees that are providing a easy access to your home.  If you suspect that you have a raccoon or skunk in your attic, or if you suspect any other type of wildlife in your attic, call a professional wildlife removal service for the safety of your home and family.