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Preventing Ants In The Kitchen

Wipe countertops for good pest prevention!

So you’re seeing ants in your kitchen. You’re not the first, and surely you won’t be the last. Ants will haunt kitchens all throughout the year, and the cooler months prove no different. So what can you do to help prevent ants from taking up residence in your kitchen area?

First and foremost, keeping your kitchen clean is the main preventive treatment for ant issues. Ants are attracted to grease, crumbs, and other food particles left behind. Always do the dishes right after meals, run your disposal, don’t let trash pile up, and wipe those kitchen countertops! Believe it or not, many of today’s granite countertops sometimes contribute to the ant problems that we see today. The reason is that food particles sometimes get missed when wiping down countertops because they blend in with the granite counter. Ants love these crumbs accidentally left behind, and they immediately call up their friends so they can get right to work!

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