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Cockroaches & Wintertime

Wintertime is almost upon us in South Texas, but you’d never know it by today’s temperature.  It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we’re still in shorts and t-shirts! But what happens to cockroaches during the colder months? Believe or not, the American cockroach will still travel in and out of the home during our mild winters. If we do get some very low temperatures, they will definitely seek some shelter to find warmth, and that shelter most likely will be in your home. So as some bugs like mosquitos give us a break during the colder months, not so much with American cockroaches.

And before the temperature drops in the wintertime, the fall will have a lot of leaves dropping onto lawns in South Texas. American cockroaches love dead organic material, and a house with dead leaves surrounding it is the perfect place for those nasty roaches to dwell. So keeping your yard neat and tidy, along with getting those fall leaves bagged up is a great organic form of pest control to prevent cockroaches from entering your home when the thermostat begins to drop in the wintertime.

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