Mice & Rats

Rats and mice are a nuisance and carry many diseases.  Along with possible health dangers, they can cause a lot of damage to your home or business. In fact, urban rats alone cause more than $20 billion in damages to homes and businesses each year. This does not include damage done to agriculture.  Their ability to breed quickly is one of the reasons they are so hard to get under control, especially in urban areas.  In the course of just a few years, two rats can start a family that can grow into the millions … that is an animal reproduction rate on steroids!

Although they are not as a scary site as rats, mice can get inside your home and leave unpleasant droppings all over your pantry and kitchen areas.  Mice have the ability to jump long distances, and that is why if you have a mouse problem, you are noticing droppings in areas that you would not think mice could get to.  And just like rats, some species of mice carry some serious diseases.  If you have mice wondering through your home, call LoveBug Pest Control, and we will set traps in areas where we notice mice issues, and get your mouse problem under control in a hurry.

As mentioned before, rats in your attic can be a problem. Not only are they noisy but they can chew threw wiring which could cause a fire. Rats are also known carriers of many diseases.  It is not a healthy situation to have rats in your attic or in your yard. LoveBug Pest Control will set traps to catch these nasty rodents and provide you with information to exclude rats in the future. We trap Roof rats and their cousin the Norway rat, which typically lives in ground cover and will burrow in the ground. Let LoveBug Pest Control assess your rodent problem today and suggest a treatment plan so your family can live rodent free!