Cockroaches are not only gross to look at, they are responsible for many health issues. In the San Antonio metro area, we have several different types of roaches but two types which most people are familiar with – the American Cockroach and the German Cockroach. Having regular pest control and keeping your yard and areas next to your home clean, American cockroaches should be kept in check.

The more problematic species is the German Cockroach.  German roaches reproduce very quickly and are more than happy to make their nest inside your home. Females will carry their egg pouch on their body right up until the eggs are ready to hatch, which also makes the chances of survival for the young roaches higher. And thus a harder pest to treat. If left untreated, a German Cockroach infestation can quickly get out of control. LoveBug Pest Control has specialized treatments for German roach infestations that is a combination of flushing and baiting to ensure that we get your problem under control in a hurry!