Ants are a huge problem in Texas and the San Antonio metropolitan area.  LoveBug Pest Control treats all types of household ants including Pharaoh Ants, Rover Ants, Acrobat Ants, Pavement Ants, Odorous Ants, and many others. Ants cause problems by contaminating food and spreading bacteria.  Plus they are just not a pleasant site to look at when you enter your kitchen. Spraying basic store bought sprays on trailing ants just multiplies the problem, because ants will “bud” when sensing danger, and take a queen to start another colony. At LoveBug Pest Control, we will first identify your ant problem and then suggest a treatment plan to get your ant problem under control. Our treatment is geared to kill the queen which destroys the future survivability of the colony.


Fire ants are also a huge problem in the San Antonio area. They are a huge safety hazard for small children and pets, and their bite is not any fun for adults either. Fire ants were originally introduced to the United States through a cargo ship from Brazil back in 1940. They quickly spread across the southeastern United States and continue to be a problem today. LoveBug Pest Control will treat your yard as well as the individual mounds. Our treatment is both people and pet friendly. As with household ants, the goal is to get to the queen and eliminate the colony.


Carpenter ants are social creatures that prefer to nest inside wood, preferably wood that has water damage or rot.  Getting rid of carpenter ants is a tricky process and takes a coordinated effort from the homeowner and pest control provider. They are some of the larger ants in North America and are considered wood destroying.  Trimming trees and making sure that no limbs are touching the roof of the home is a must for prevention and elimination.